Felicia Hippolyte
Chair of Unity

I would like to thank Unity and its membership for its total support of Six Poets at Manor House on a Sunday, April 8th. The event was well received and it shows what is possible when as a Community and individuals we work towards a common goal.

That goal was the spreading and sharing of St. Lucian Culture in a well thought out programme of six accomplished poets and writers. All six poets read from their published works and there was a demand for the books on sale. Indeed, many who were not there has are enquiring about purchasing said books.

The work delivered enhanced our connection to Fair Helen, and proved that as a small island state we do punch above our weight in the Arts and Cultural field. One comment that resonated after the event was some one overheard saying “I did not know St. Lucia had so many poets”

In the words of the His Excellency High Comissioner Guy Mayers, these are our cultural Ambassadors we ought to feel proud of them.

So a final thank you with the words “together we are stronger”.

JD Douglas
Organiser of Six Poets at Manor House on a Sunday.