The Association was formed half a century ago, comprising of many individuals who have an affinity to St. Lucia with an interest in its development and furtherance of its people.  We provide a forum for discussion regarding issues affecting us as a people.

We exchange information about current affairs and topical issues including health and wellbeing.

We work collaboratively with fellow St. Lucians and friends of St. Lucia to celebrate events of National interest and more importantly assist where necessary in the aftermath of disasters.

The Association was founded as a source of information to St. Lucians in the United Kingdom, to keep members abreast of events, to provide a medium for the expression of members’ opinions on all matters of interest to St. Lucians without political bias, to cater and organise social, cultural and educational activities for the benefit of our members.

The Association’s main aim during its early stages was to assist and support nationals arriving from St. Lucia. It gained early and broad recognition as the principal formally organised and representative Association of St. Lucians in the United Kingdom and played a significant role in helping to integrate new arrivals into the “English way of life,” customs and traditions.

The Association has supported our Community (both in St. Lucian and in the UK) in several important ways, both financially and otherwise.  In addition, the Association was also responsible for spearheading the formation of a youth wing (The New Generation of young St. Lucians) a number of these youths currently serve as officers of the Association.

The Women’s Committee is also a vibrant sub-committee of the Association whose function address women’s issues.

A great deal has been achieved in the Association’s 54 years of history and it can take pride in knowing that several former members have been elected as Members of Parliament in successive St. Lucian Governments or occupied important posts on the Island.  One prominent member is Miss Jessie Stephens a formidable mentor in the UK and was awarded an MBE in 1986 for her services to her community and was further awarded a St. Lucia Les Piton Medal for her continued dedication and services throughout the diaspora.

Contact details:
Telephone: 020 7263 0337