The Dennery (Saint Lucia) Association UK was formed in 1999 by a small group of people originally from Dennery, resident in the UK. It was set up primarily to provide support and assistance to Dennery and surrounding valley in areas of health, education and cultural activities.

During the early phase of its development, the following individuals managed the Association: Mr Lewis St Juste – Chairman; Mrs Mary Jane Gideon – General Secretary; Mr Randolph Regis – Treasurer. However, the management team has changed.

Funds are raised from subscriptions, donations and fundraising activities that are approved by its committee.

The Association has a bereavement fund which we use to help bereaved families. In addition to helping our people, we also give a monetary donation to two other organisations in the wider community viz, Sickle Cell and Help the Aged.

Dennery (St Lucia) Association (UK)
Telephone: 020 7627 4346