The Canaries (St. Lucia) UK Association was formed on 19th October 1994, following the destruction caused by Hurricane Debbie to the village of Canaries and surrounding areas. This Association was the brainchild of Mr. Greenage Hippolyte, Mr. Simon Cornibert and few members (originally from Canaries but residing in the UK) who met to discuss the idea of forming a group to raise funds to help the village. Their main aim at the time was to raise sufficient funds to finance an ambulance service for the district and simultaneously contribute to the regeneration of the area, in the aftermath of the hurricane. Their perseverance, dedication and enthusiasm have paid off, and the Canaries Association has since been providing financial contributions and other valuable and important service to its community.

In 1995, the Association set up a sister group in St. Lucia to ensure that its activities were being co-ordinated at a local level. It also established links with St. Lucian Associations in Canada to generate awareness of its activities, and to seek additional support and assistance for Canaries. This collaboration proved to be very successful and in 1996, an ambulance was purchased and presented to the village in the presence of several members and dignitaries. For an association with such a short history at the time, this was indeed a magnificent achievement and it excelled the standing of the Canaries Association within the local community. To-date the group has also contributed to education – (e.g. sponsoring educational trips) health and needy causes in the village.

The Canaries Association has pledged to continue working with fellow St. Lucians and groups to support and assist worthwhile causes on the island.

Canaries (St Lucia) UK Association
Telephone: 020 8220 3514