The Anse-La-Raye (St. Lucia) Association UK (A.L.R.A) was formed on 1st November 1992. It is a charitable organisation set up to raise funds to help in the development of Anse-La-Raye. In summary, the main objectives of the group are to link all Anse-la-Rayans living in the UK culturally and socially; to facilitate in the development and improvement of the local community; and to help increase the profile of Anse-La-Raye in general.

In 1995, the A.L.R.A. established a local committee in the village of Anse-La-Raye to administer the work of the UK based Association. This linkage has been very useful as it has assisted members in deciding on areas and activities where funds and other resources are most needed and should be directed.

The A.L.R.A has been very influential and has provided much needed support for the development and regeneration of the village. In addition, the group has also contributed generously to organisations unconnected with Anse la Raye. Among them is the British Red Cross Appeal for World Wide Relief.

In 2008, A.L.R.A. applied for and was granted charity status from the Charity Commission for England and Wales. The group raises its income through fundraising activities/events and donations.

The Association hosts various activities throughout the year to raise funds including an annual Family Fun Day, held in the first week of August each year, and has just started celebrating Mothers and Father’s Day.

Anse-La-Raye (St Lucia) Association UK (1992)
Telephone:  07913 788 242